In Sales, Timing Really Can Be Everything


Sometimes things just go right. You have big targets to reach and all of a sudden you find customers just when they are looking for or are in need of the product or service you sell. While that is great when it happens, it doesn’t happen that often. So in order to keep the wheels of sales turning, you need to make sure you are getting your sales messages out in a timely manner to take advantage of typical buying cycles. As important as judging the timings of your sales activity is, you will also find that the day-to-day management of time can be crucial to your success as a sales professional. Being punctual and keeping to timings agreed with clients can be the difference between a sale and no sale. A golden rule when meeting clients or prospects is to turn up on time. Never keep your clients waiting. You may find clients turning off very quickly if you are late. Lateness can be taken as an insult. It can appear as if the meeting is not very important to you and it can suggest that you do not value the importance of your client’s time. It also presents a far more professional image to be early, prepared and welcoming of other attendees. It looks unprofessional when you rush in spouting apologies. Timing can be very important when you are presenting information to a buying team. You must always remember that the time they have given up to see you is precious, so you don’t want to waste it. You might also find that your presentation slot must be adhered to strictly. You will need to time your presentations to perfection so that you deliver all your key information in a timely manner to make the most impact. More importantly, you need to stick to your timings so that you don’t have to miss out lots of content because you have run out of time Another time when you don’t want to keep your clients waiting is when you have agreed to follow up on something — maybe gathering some information for them about the product they are interested in or confirming a price offer. Whatever the client is expecting, make sure you get back to them when you say you will. If you are someone who is always late for meetings or appointments, yet fail to see what impact this can have, then simply put yourself in the shoes of those kept waiting. Imagine you are waiting for sales recruitment agencies in Coventry to tell you if you have got that dream job. You’ll be dying to know as soon as possible, so being made to wait is never good. Equally, if you are applying for your dream job, do you think sales recruitment agencies in Coventry would take you seriously as an applicant if you couldn’t get to interviews on time? It might be a hard lesson to learn if you are always late, but it is a lesson worth learning if you want to progress in your career.