Five tips for a Stand Out CV

In order to get closer to securing your dream job, a stand out CV is a necessity in a competitive market.

Our consultants are constantly seeking the brightest marketing, technology, HR and sales professionals for a broad spectrum of exciting opportunities and have compiled a list of tips to ensure you your talents are showcased to their full potential.

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Our top 5 tips:

Formatting your CV

Hiring managers are often reviewing hundreds of CVs at a time so it is important that yours creates the right impression with excellent formatting. Simple things such as ensuring a legible font is used consistently at an appropriate size, with correct spacing and using bullet points instead of long paragraphs, will increase your chances of finding your ideal marketing role.

To ensure your CVs formatting remains in place, you could save your file as a PDF.

Using the correct language

We read a lot of CVs! And one thing our recruiters will tell you is that we read the same phrases time and time again. Therefore, we'd advise you to leave the cliché sentences behind and sell yourself with passion and give an accurate reflection of your skills and interests, it will help us place you in a role where you will thrive.

Tell us about your successes

The most common item lacking on many CVs is a brief synopsis of your most recent employer; especially if your from a B2B or SME background. Detailing recent growth rates and strategy (and how you helped to contribute to this; including facts and figures) will demonstrate that you can achieve results.

Justify your skill set

To further explain the return on investment that you have brought to previous roles, it is very important to justify the value you can bring to a business. Rather than simply listing “SEO” as a skill, perhaps you could list the statistics and figures (such as an increase in web traffic) achieved to help a new employer understand why you're the right person for their new opportunity.

Tell us what makes you unique

If you have a passion or interesting hobby that adds to your skill set, tell us. We are all excited when we receive a link to a candidate’s blog or portfolio. Don’t be afraid to show personality: businesses have different cultures and are always looking to recruit like-minded individuals.