Is Your Knowledge Your Greatest Asset?


There are many areas of sales where having the product knowledge before you start the job can be the deciding factor when you are going through the recruitment process. If you have moved from one sales job to another, transferring your skills and learning new products each time, you may think this sounds odd. Equally, you may never have considered a career in sales if you are an expert in a particular field because you think your knowledge would be better suited to a more academic profession. Take a minute to consider that the sales function must operate in every form of business or organisation in some way shape or form. No one organisation is fully self-sufficient, however specialist, technical or leading-edge they may be. Hospitals need life-saving equipment, skilled engineering innovators need manufacturing solutions and researchers at the best universities can need technical equipment and instruments to aid their studies. In order to be able to confidently cater to such needs, you will need sales staff who fully understand the whole process. Very often that sales person will be the same person who trains the client in the use of the product, so they really will need to be the expert in this field. Knowledge is a most valuable commodity and can really set suppliers apart when technical and detailed items are your bread and butter. The representatives who usually fulfil these types of sales roles can be known as product specialists. If you have a technical or medical background but you are struggling to find a fit for the practical application of your knowledge or a place the academic world, there are great rewards to be gained by offering your skills and knowledge to industry. There are many ways you can approach entry into your chosen field. You can apply to companies directly, explaining exactly how your knowledge could benefit them. Some research into the most relevant companies may be required first. You can attend industry-related recruitment fairs to see what is available, or you could visit sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire. If the sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire that you visit don’t have much in the way of product specialist roles, then you may need to look for industry-specific recruitment partners. Whichever route you take, your knowledge and expertise will be recognised by those who most need it.