A Place for Skilled Project Managers in Marketing


Are you a successful project manager looking for a new challenge? Do you think marketing is a completely different discipline? The way job titles are decided and publicised, you could be forgiven for thinking that Project Manager and Marketing Manager were completely different things. However, although there is a degree of subject-matter expertise required within the marketing arena, most of the work will require the skills and disciplines of project management. Marketing involves planning activity and campaigns, co-ordinating staff and resources and working to tight budgets to achieve good return on investment. It almost always involves working to strict deadlines. While there does have to be some theory and experience behind knowing what to plan, how to best to implement things and the most effective timings, these can be learnt relatively quickly and guided by other members of a marketing team. For example, the Head of Marketing might determine and explain the strategy, while the Marketing Manager will manage the overall planning and implementation of the strategy. Marketing Officers and Assistants effectively form the project team along with external suppliers such as printers and media buyers. If you are an experienced project manager and you want a change in career direction, it is worth speaking to marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry about suitable roles. It might be that you need to get a bit of theory under your belt to help you compete with other experienced marketing professionals, but marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry could advise you on what is a best use of your time to put you on fair footing with other candidates. Similarly, marketing professionals who want to enhance their career and promotion prospects might consider taking a project management qualification such as PRINCE2. From your experience in marketing you will already be familiar with the cycles of planning and executing campaigns. You have played a role within teams working towards the same goal, so you should have an understanding of how your contributions fit into the bigger picture of making things happen. To move to the next management level, you will need to be capable of taking on the planning and management of teams yourself, ensuring that tasks and resources are co-ordinated to work together effectively within budget and to strict timescales. Whatever your skills-improvements targets are, training programmes can be delivered in a number of ways so you should be able to find an option that works for you. Some providers will offer distance learning with online tutorials. Some will require the attendance at one or two workshops, and others might offer class-based learning. Whether you opt for night classes or take holidays to attend residential courses, it can all pay off in the end. If you are unsure which area to focus on to boost your career potential, then look through job descriptions and evaluation criteria to see what qualifications or knowledge is being expected. Then plan a realistic timeframe in which to achieve your goals.