How much to ‘Make Up’ at Interview


First impressions last, and however much we would rather they did not, appearances can make a difference regarding how people will perceive and judge you. So when it comes to dressing for that all-important interview, the classic conundrum of what to wear raises its head. For ladies the scenario is further complicated by the issue of how much or what type of make-up to wear or whether it should be worn at all. Deciding what to wear for interview is never easy so it is always better to play it safe. Some candidates find out what the general company dress code is before their interview so that they can dress in a similar fashion, but even this can be a mistake. Remember, you don’t work there yet so you still need to use your attire to help convey the right image about you. The same might be said about make-up too. While make-up can be a confidence booster for some women, it can also be a factor by which they are judged. As with your clothing, make-up should be conservative and subtle. You are not entering a beauty contest and nor are you preparing for a night out on the town. However much you might think that bold, bright make-up is simply a reflection of your strong personality, try to tone it down for interview. You want to look smart and professional and show that you have made an effort to be well presented. If you don’t normally wear make-up, then stick to that approach. Trying to get to grips with what works as make-up for you can take a long time, so there is a good chance that you won’t get it right and could end up feeling uncomfortable if you are worried about how it is looking. This would be an extra thing to worry about before your interview which you don’t need. When looking for your next job, there are many good reasons why you should consider registering as a candidate with marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire. As well as having the direct access to employers with vacancies, marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire can also help you sharpen up your application approach and help you fine-tune how you present yourself during a recruitment process. When you sign up with marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire, you will go through their own candidate vetting process, which is a great way to test your overall performance in a recruitment scenario and get constructive feedback from the experts.