The Difference Two Words Can Make


Imagine if all it took was the addition of two words to your marketing content to make your product or service stand out from the rest. Well, that is what the process of entering awards can do for you if it all goes in your favour. If you are lucky enough to win an award for your product or service, you have the invaluable boost of being able to add ‘Award-Winning’ to your marketing communications and literature. Whatever your product is, if yours is the award winner it immediately communicates a sense of trust for new customers. Whether it is a pasta sauce lined up on a shelf amongst many others or if it is a new state-of-the-art computer, when customers are faced with many choices they will at least look more closely at the award winners when considering their options. Construction companies in the Midlands have just learned the results of this year’s Celebrating Construction Awards, administered by the Built Environment Hub. For the winners the results provide a real boost to their company images and brand profiles. This can only be good news when they are looking to attract new customers or when they are bidding for new contracts. But when it comes to construction industry awards, the positive impacts can be much more far reaching that you might initially think. While the company that was responsible for the Library of Birmingham project won two awards for their work, Birmingham itself is also a beneficiary. The awards bestowed on the Library of Birmingham project contribute to a marketing boost for the West Midland’s Tourism industry and also improve the profile of the city for inward investment promotions too. Depending on the type of award you have won, the best impact can sometimes be gained from the speed with which you are able to add the new accolades to your marketing communications. Awards processes themselves generate publicity in the build-up and then in the award-giving ceremony itself. While you might be lucky to gain some exposure from the build-up, you can certainly double the impact of any publicity from a win by having an ‘Award Winners’ campaign ready to roll out immediately should you be successful. While this does require speculation and therefore taking a chance on the use of resource to prepare such a campaign, the outcome doesn’t have to depend solely on a win — you can also promote with pride being a runner-up or highly commended. Establishing that you are best in class or that you have been voted above your peers and competitors can take a lot of planning and strategic marketing to make the grade. Whatever your approach for establishing and validating your credentials, you need the right talent to take you there. The best marketing professionals can be in great demand, so you need to make sure you are promoting your company as the place they want to work. Work with marketing recruitment agencies in the West Midlands to establish your reputation, as they will actively promote your company to the best candidates. Look out for award-winning marketing recruitment agencies in the West Midlands, as they’ll certainly appreciate what you are trying to achieve.