The Future Is Bright, the Future Is Green


Whatever business you are in, you will have been getting your green credentials in order for some time. Whether you are in the business of selling car parts and components to international markets or you are in one of the marketing recruitment agencies in the West Midlands, you will be looking for ways to bolster your sustainability. Whatever stage you are at, there are always benefits to be garnered from communicating and sharing best practice. Sustainability West Midlands is the government-designated sustainability advocate for the region. As a not-for-profit and independent company, Sustainability West Midlands promotes a network for best practice across the public, private and voluntary sectors. Adopting the roles of independent advisors, the company supports business leaders and heads of organisations to develop sustainability solutions for a greener region.

Whether it is adopting sustainability best practice through your manufacturing methods or simply reducing the carbon footprint of your office-based operations, there are many ways in which businesses can become greener. Public-sector bodies will have the double task of improving their own operations as well as promoting best-practice ideas to local communities to encourage individuals and businesses alike to work together on the green agenda. By linking up with other similar organisations or seeking help from best-practice bodies, your business can find quick ways to improve its position without having to reinvent the wheel. As such, communications plays an important role in the activities of Sustainability West Midlands.

This week Birmingham City Council will be holding the Birmingham Big Green Lunch, which is an event specially designed to encourage local communities to come together to share ideas and make plans to share resources and skills in the common pursuit of a greener, more sustainable West Midlands. The event will be a friendly and social affair held at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens with an educational slant. The event aims to get individuals and communities thinking about, working towards and adopting behaviours which promote sustainable lifestyles for a better environment in which to work, rest and play. Attending an event such as this is a great way to learn about a variety of green issues and ways in which even as individuals you can make a difference.

Communications can play a key role in promoting the green agenda, whether that is for a company’s own marketing potential, as part of their corporate social responsibility output or as part of their contribution by sharing their winning solutions or holding events to promote change. Communications roles can sit within the marketing function or can be a central function of corporate affairs. Whichever angle your company needs, you can find well-qualified and experienced candidates through marketing recruitment agencies in the West Midlands and ensure that your company is recognised for the good work it does. If you are a communications professional and you have a passion for green issues, then let you local marketing recruitment agencies in the West Midlands know that you are looking for your next challenge.