How Cloud Computing makes jobs in Birmingham easier

Cloud computing is making recruitment for jobs in Birmingham, and all over the world, a simpler and more efficient process.  

The concept of cloud computing is not new, yet it is only in the last few years that companies have begun to take full advantage of the many benefits the technology has to offer. Today 78% of organisations within the UK have formally enlisted one or more service that is cloud-based.


In terms of recruitment, cloud technology provides a means of accessing the very latest applications and upgrades and significantly reduces vulnerability to situations such as theft or critical hardware failure. The technology available also allows for quick and easy expansion. Flexibility, agility and mobility are three ‘must-haves’ for the long-term success of sales recruitment companies, and these are exactly what cloud computing can bring to the table. It can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. So recruiting for jobs in Birmingham, for example, does not require the company, or indeed the client, to be Birmingham-based.


In June 2014 the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) found that the number of businesses using cloud services had increased by 15% since September 2013 and over 61% since 2010. Having conducted a number of research projects over the last four years, the CIF can confidently predict that this level of growth will continue and that 90% of UK businesses will have adopted some form of cloud service by the beginning of 2016.


The CEO of the Cloud Industry Forum, Alex Hilton, believes that by this time about 10% of companies will be utilising an IT strategy which is primarily cloud-based. 80% are likely to be working within an environment using Hybrid IT, while the remaining 10% will remain entirely office-based.