Are Your Sales Professionals Involved with Your Online Sales?


It is quite normal to find that the development of systems and processes for online sales is the preserve of the online marketing and web development teams within most companies. While this is indeed where most of the work will take place, companies could be missing a trick by not involving their sales force in the development and testing stages. Aside from the technical and functional aspects, one of the major elements of the development of online sales platforms to get right is the user journey. This is where your sales teams should step in. Sales professionals deal day in and day out with customers, so become very familiar with their behaviours and learn to recognise their motivations for purchasing. This knowledge can be invaluable when determining the content on your web pages, which take a customer from landing on a site to progressing through to a sales transaction. Your sales expertise will know what information is required to clinch a sale, so this needs to be reflected in your site. Sales staff can help you map out the ideal customer journey and flag up anything that may present itself as a barrier to buying. While some of this can be determined at development stage, the sales professionals can really add value when it comes to rolling out the site and testing it. Sales staff should be asked to use the website to complete sales transactions when they are in face-to-face meetings with customers. They should ideally ask the customer to carry out the online transaction for themselves while they record any issues or blockers that the customer encounters. Getting immediate feedback from a real customer is a great way to ensure your site is meeting the expectations of your target audience. The same can be done for testing signing up to membership schemes or registering to receive newsletters and updates. The sales industry demands a range of skills and abilities from its professionals, and it's not all about hard negotiating and not taking no for an answer. A quick review of vacancies being advertised by sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire will show you the variety of sales roles on offer. If you are good at listening to customers and finding solutions to problems to ease processes, then there are any number of opportunities you could take advantage of. Talk to sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire to find out which roles might best suit your skills.