Use Your Interview to Assess the Employer


When it comes to preparing for interview, it is usual to spend all your time thinking up responses to potential questions and ways to show that you are the person they want for the job. It is a little too easy to get caught up in this scenario, especially when we might feel we desperately need that new job, and we can forget the other important functions that the interview situation can present. Needing to get a new job and just taking any new job that presents itself are not the same thing. If you are looking for a new job because you are not happy in your existing employment, then you need to be very specific about why you might choose to accept the next job you are offered. A new job always looks better than where you might be at the time. No employer is going to promote their vacancies as dreadful jobs no one would want. Then there is the honeymoon period that comes with every new job, where you feel happy about your new situation but possibly fail to recognise that the feeling is generated simply by the ‘new’ and not by the job itself. If you rush into a role without properly assessing if it is right for you, you will find out eventually but it will have cost you a lot of time and effort. It could bring you back to square one as you inevitably have to return to job hunting again. Use your interview opportunities to assess if the role is right for you. You will want to impress in your interview, but the company should also want to impress you. Prepare some good questions to help you find out how the company really operates and how it values or invests in its staff or anything that relates to what you find important in your employment. Don’t make any snap decisions in an interview. If you are asked if you would accept the job if you were offered it, you can simply respond that depending on the nature of the offer you would like to take some time to consider your options. Give yourself some breathing space to decide if this job and company are right for you. Assess whether you liked the offices you visited. If you are going to have to work there, you want to know it is a good environment. Did you like the people who interviewed you? Would one of them end up being your line manager? Did the role sound as good as it did in the advertisement? Are there any career progression routes within the company? You can find out more about roles and employers when you are job searching through sales recruitment agencies in Staffordshire. Because they have a vested interest in getting the right person for the job, sales recruitment agencies in Staffordshire will be able to help match you to a role and company that will suit you. They will not want the people they place with their employer clients leaving after a short time, and many would have to find a replacement without fee so it is in their interest to find the perfect matches.