Why team work makes the dream work

With the Euro’s and Wimbledon ongoing and the upcoming Rio Olympics, our summer will be filled with those on the cusp of sporting success. One thing all of these athletes will have in common is that they have a dedicated team behind, all with the goal to succeed. Just like in sports, team work is vital to a company’s success.

We’ve complied some sports inspired tips to ensure your team is in top form.

  • Set an example

If those higher up in the company are unmotivated and not willing to engage in team work then you’ll probably find the rest of the office will follow suit. Just like a team captain, those in higher management need to ensure they are setting an example for the rest of the employees within the company.

  • Team unity

As the title says ‘team work makes the dream work’! A team that is united in their goals will undoubtedly work better together than a team that doesn’t feel like they have anything to work towards. It’s also a good idea to get those team members who may not necessary integrate in their day to day business working together, so that people can get to know each other and see how other departments contribute towards the business.

  • There’s no ‘I’ in team

Although many see Gareth Bale as the sole driving force behind Wales’ Euro success, it is important to remember that a team is bigger than one individual. This is the same within the office, individuals need to know the positive impact they are having in the office. Not only will this prove motivational but will also help boost productivity within the office.

  • Set goals

Every business will have goals but it is important that you set goals for both the team and individuals to work towards. Just like an Olympic athlete aiming for gold, having concrete goals to work towards can be a great motivation to the team.