Social Media in the Interview Room?


Many applicants who have been through recruitment processes in recent years will have become very familiar with the rise in competency-based questioning and psychometric testing. Aptitude and personality tests have not only become increasingly popular with hiring managers, but they are being tweaked and tailored to meet the increasingly high demands of company recruiters. However, if you are looking for your next career progression step, then you might start to find new challenges in the interview room. Just when you thought you had the recruitment process under control, it is time to jump back on to the learning curve to prepare again. It is becoming more and more common for hiring managers to enquire about a candidate’s online and social media activity. They might even undertake their own online research prior to the interview and could possibly make assessments on what they find. You may think that social media is just something you do in your personal life, but with it being such an important communication vehicle for business, they have a vested interest in understanding how effectively you use it or in the worse-case scenario how you might fail to understand its impact and potentially misuse it. It is no longer a surprise to find yourself being quizzed about your social media activity and how you manage your reputation online. With so many of us now communicating our lives online, it is not surprising to find that this is a point of interest for our future employers. If you are going to be the next new representative of a company, you can be sure that your bosses will want to know how you manage your profile online, as so much of what we communicate is now linked with our jobs. While it might not be the first thought going through your mind when using social media, it’s not a bad idea to keep a sense check on how you are using it and what you are saying. By using the measure, ‘what would a prospective employer think of this?’ you could save yourself a lot of trouble and maintain a respectable profile and online reputation if you aren’t already confident that that’s what you have. If all this seems as if companies are going to extremes to get to know the individuals they are interviewing, then get ready for the next new trend from America. There have been reports of companies using computer games to assess a number of skills or personal traits such as a candidate’s learning abilities, how they empathise in given situations and even to what degree they are a risk taker. The games have been specifically designed for the purpose and track each candidate’s movements and which parts of the screen they touch and will even record how long a candidate hesitates. For all the latest news on how employers are recruiting and what techniques they may be deploying, it is worth speaking to marketing recruitment agencies in Wolverhampton. If you are looking for a new job and can’t decide which of the marketing recruitment agencies in Wolverhampton to register with, then why not check out their online profile and social media activity to see which might suit your needs best?