Recruitment Agencies Need Candidates Who Have Multichannel Marketing Skills


Despite using a multichannel approach, it is vital that a single view of the consumer is maintained. Customers today interact in many different ways through a variety of touch points. Marketers must have a good understanding of customer behaviour at every level and acknowledge the value of each to the organisation.  

In order to achieve the single view, it can be helpful to collate all data in one place, regardless of source. This can be achieved using a centralised database. However, this is just the first step towards developing an accurate single view. Once it's consolidated, no matter how much information there is, it must be used to establish insight. If not, the data will mean very little. What is more, as the business evolves so too will the customer. As such, it is important to continuously update the customer view using new data and new models to interpret it.


Create a platform for multichannel marketing. This should include technology and processes that support a range of functions. Sales recruitment agencies will be looking out for candidates who can implement these.


Campaign Management

Campaign execution, workflow creation and segmentation are all capabilities that need to be considered as part of campaign management systems.



In order to optimise current campaigns and determine how future projects might run, marketers must use advanced and predictive analytics.


Advanced Execution

Next-best-offer and content management approaches, as well as real-time decision making and event triggering, are all helpful capabilities for outbound and inbound marketing projects.


Response Attribution

The development of skills such as optimising the marketing mix and analysis of marketing attribution.


Digital Marketing

Capabilities which expand to all channels (including social media, video and mobile) are a must in the fast-paced technological age where most people have access to a mobile device.


Emerging and traditional channels can be integrated using a multichannel platform for marketing. Cross-channel campaigns are simplified, as one campaign can be easily adapted for use across a variety of channels. Doing so will help marketers communicate the right message to the right people at the right time — all in a cost-efficient and effective manner.


Improve Customer Experiences

All those within the marketing recruitment industry will agree that creating a positive customer experience is one of the most important objectives. In a crowded market place, it serves as a major differentiator between competitors.


Not only does the customer experience need to be positive, but there also needs to be a good degree of consistency. The reason for this is that regardless of where the interaction is taking place — online, over the telephone or face-to-face — the customer will always experience and view the brand as a whole. There is no value therefore in creating a positive experience face-to-face if the online experience is not also positive. Consistency can only be delivered effectively if all channels are treated as one rather than several independent aspects.