One-Trick Ponies?


If you thought that sales professionals were only capable of bringing in new business largely through their skills in communicating and negotiating with customers and prospects, then it is worth thinking again. When you hire expensive resource to generate your next revenue boost by securing new business, and then let them go when the goals have been achieved, you could be throwing money away on recruitment costs. You could find you have to approach sales recruitment agencies in Birmingham to hire again when it is time for your business to move up to the next level in its growth plan. Good sales professionals and business development managers will have a wide range of skills which enable them to seek out opportunities, plan marketing approaches and bid processes and mobilise teams of people to get them working together towards the same goal — often to exacting timescales. They will be excellent communicators and assessors of business potential and well equipped to represent your business on many and varied platforms. So when your BDM has achieved the targets set and your business needs to then focus on implementation and delivery before it can approach any new business opportunities, look at what else they can do for your business rather than simply letting them go. Look at what was involved in the process of winning the new business they secured. There are sure to be skills and competencies that can transfer to other parts of the business. If your BDM needed to set up a team of people to design the winning solution and prepare bid documentation, liaise with the tendering organisation and represent your business at presentations, then you have a varied and valuable skill set that could potentially be put to good use both in internal services or your operations. If you have always thought that sales professionals just do sales, then it might be worth speaking to sales recruitment agencies in Birmingham to get an idea of the broader skills and potential of sales professionals currently looking for their next career move. If you prefer to hire on the basis of exactly matching experience requirements, then you may find that sales professionals who have worked in smaller businesses have had to juggle more than one role to help run the business. The can show direct evidence of having deployed their skills in other areas. If this is the case, you could then determine role profiles which have an emphasis on the sales or business development work required while mapping out additional responsibilities for down time.