On the Brink of Greatness?


Worcester Council is flying the flag for the city, looking beyond the recession and planning for great times ahead. Having attracted £350 million worth of investment in the last six years, the city has every reason to be confident. A council leader has hailed Worcester as being the ideal place for inward investment due to its 'quintessential Englishness' and its positive position coming out of the recession. The benefits that the city can offer include its relative safety, good leisure facilities and amenities, as well as its culture and its resilience in the face of hard economic times. Worcester has been undergoing great improvements, with more on the way. In 2012 the Hive was officially opened at Worcester University — a modern library, archive and events facility. Riverside developments and the expansion of the Sanctuary Housing Group also add to the prosperity of the region. The council already has a regeneration 'master plan' in place to overhaul the city centre's retail area, but it is working to update and improve it. The plans will involve the sale of a key area of land which, when developed into the new retail centre, will link St Martin's Quarter to the high street. However, the city will need to attract significant investment from business if it is to realise its dreams and fulfil its potential. As new businesses establish themselves or existing ones prepare for growth, some of the new jobs generated will be within the new business development and sales disciplines. If you are in a job you want to move on from and find your next career challenge, then why not get ahead of the game and register with sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire so that you are well placed when new opportunities start to come forward? If the city is successful in attracting investment, especially from overseas, it can be an advantage to take on local sales experts who know the home market. It will also be easier for international investors to enlist the help of sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire when they quickly need to ramp up their sales force. So as Worcester residents are enjoying its current shopping spaces and taking advantage of its excellent leisure facilities, they are keeping one eye on the future and possibly that great new job! The council will be working hard to raise the profile of the city and attract the inward investment it needs for a brighter future.