Contractor payroll processes when using Umbrella Services

ESA Group appreciate that some providers of Umbrella Services will need to adjust their administrative procedure in line with our policy on monthly submission. In order to eliminate problems with payroll to our contractors we advise that the following procedures will be rigorously adhered to in respect of paperwork:

The dates covered on the invoice should be from 1st of the month up to and including the end of the month in question only.

Invoices charging for part of any other month will not be processed and will be returned for correction. To re-cap:

  1. Approved timesheets should be emailed to together with the Invoice by the 5th of the following month.
  2. Should a month-end fall midweek the contractor is required to get the timesheet authorised up to the month end date, (e.g. 30th/31st). The contractor should then start another timesheet from the 1st of the next month and arrange for it to be signed off as normal. Alternatively, you may use the same timesheet twice, once for the end of the current month and once for the beginning of the next month.
  3. A single monthly invoice for the services of the contractor should be submitted to ESA Group Limited in line with the payment deadlines.

Non-compliance will normally result payment delays.

Approved Umbrella Companies

We are pleased to partner with Paystream, who offer our umbrella services.


0808 164 4460 / 0161 923 0201

Mansion House
Manchester Road
WA14 4RW


When you are successfully placed to a contractor position with ESA Group, you will be asked to complete a timesheet. You can download a timesheet here or use the button below.