Contractor payroll processes for private limited companies

To ensure speedy payments to you, we have a policy of “getting it right – first time – every time” – and if some simple steps are followed, you will benefit by getting your payments made on time – as per the contract we have with you. In essence, all you are required to do is to send to us (on a monthly basis), timesheets covering the calendar month in question, together with one (1) invoice.

Ideally, your timesheets must only show the days worked for that month, so if the month ends on a Tuesday, you will have two timesheets for the last week of the month – one timesheet showing the last two days of the month (Monday and Tuesday) and another timesheet for the first week in the next month showing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday being worked. Clearly cross out on the timesheet, the days, which do not apply to that month and get it signed off in the usual way.

Please remember, only invoice us for the month in question – don’t include any other worked days for other months – and just the one invoice please.

Lastly, there’s the subject of timing. We have spent some time analysing the problems inherent in getting timesheets signed off by client management and on the one hand we want to pay you as quickly as possible, but on the other hand, if we publish cut-off dates that might be unachievable, the system will fail. As a middle ground, we have identified, mostly the 5th of each month as being the optimum cut-off for timesheet processing.

If you have any trouble in following these guidelines, please call us on: 0121 516 3840 and ask for the timesheet processing department.


When you are successfully placed to a contractor position with ESA Group, you will be asked to complete a timesheet. You can download a timesheet here or use the button below.