The client

Evac+Chair International Ltd produce the world’s number no. 1 emergency stairway evacuation chair.  Headquartered in Birmingham since 1985, and with over 100 staff, the business has been manufacturing evacuation equipment for over 30 years and has experienced significant international expansion. 

All Evac+Chair’s products are designed and manufactured in the UK and their chair products are widely considered to the ‘original’ solution for assisting people with reduced mobility to leave buildings in emergency situations. Their clients include some of the largest corporations in the world including; Google, Disney, Coca Cola, Sony, Apple, McDonalds AT&T and Ford Motor Company.

The relationship

Despite ESA group only working with this local business for a few months, we quickly got to work understanding the company ethos and were tasked with a search to find two marketing roles, a Senior Marketing Manager and Marketing Executive. 

Working directly with the Head of HR, the ESA Marketing team used their skills and knowledge to find candidates who possessed excellent experienced of B2B marketing. Although the company is extremely well-established, they are investing heavily in marketing for the foreseeable future to support their continuous growth, particularly regarding adding other medical products to their range.

The challenge

Evac+Chair are a niche business and any recruitment is scrutinized at the highest level as there is strong emphasis on succession progression and promotion to the board when the opportunity arises. Nevertheless, the company ethos is very down to earth and staff are well rewarded where deserved.

To fully understand who would get the backing of the senior stakeholders, it was vital that the team at ESA Group accurately recognised what was required.

The result

By building a strong relationship with the Head of HR, we were able to find the right people with a work ethic that would fit the company’s needs. By utilising our large B2B talent pool and focusing on quality, we were able to find a high calibre of candidates for the market-leading operator. We look forward to working with Evac+Chair again in the future and to partner with them for any further recruitment needs.