The client

Element Six is a synthetic diamond ‘supermaterials’ company and is a member of the De Beers Group of Companies - its majority shareholder. The business is a global leader in the design, development and production of synthetic diamonds, and operates worldwide with its head office registered in London, and primary innovation facilities in Oxfordshire, as well as manufacturing in China, Germany, Ireland, South Africa and the USA.

For over 50 years, the core business has remained the synthesis and processing of synthetic diamond ‘supermaterials’. While synthetic diamond is well known as the planet’s hardest known material, it has many other extreme properties and is one of the most useful and remarkable materials in existence.

Since diamond is a type of carbon, this is where the business takes its name – the ‘sixth element’ of the Periodic Table.

Element Six’s mission is to deliver extreme performance for end users through innovative solutions and close strategic development partnerships with customers to deliver customised, innovative high performance products. The business consistently strives to provide excellent customer service and continuous productivity enhancement.

The relationship

Despite the company having roots that are over 70 years old, Element Six are now investing heavily in the digital space. Whilst their marketing has historically been fairly traditional, Element 6 approached ESA Group to work with them in recruiting for a new Digital Director, who would help them bridge the gap between their large I.T. and marketing teams. With a big cash injection into marketing, it was crucial that the new appointment would provide the business with a solid base for future growth.

This board-level role, would also be complimented by the recruitment of a Senior Digital Executive, who would have a broad and more tactical role working across all marketing channels. Both candidates would need expert skills across the digital spectrum, with good ability to manage numerous projects across multiple industries.

The result

On each occasion, our specialist consultants provided a thorough face-to-face candidate screening service, and submitted a refined shortlist of candidates to Element Six for the hiring managers and directors to review. Interviews were arranged following an in-depth client briefing.

ESA Group consultants completed the final selection process by making the offer to the successful candidates and provided thorough feedback to all who interviewed.

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