Interview preparation is the key to securing your next job role

Our interview recommendations are targeted at all candidates, whether you are a graduate or an experienced director. Here are a few tips that we’d be keen to offer, to ensure that you stand a strong chance of landing that dream job.


It seems obvious but preparation sets candidates apart. From our experience; it’s common for lots of people with similar aptitude and experience to apply for the same role. However, it is the candidate who has done their homework that invariably gets the job.

Research the client

It is important to have done some research on the company where you are interviewing and get an idea what the business is about before your interview. In order to do so, find out what exactly it is they do, how they do it and who are their competitors. This will allow you to understand how your skills can meet the needs of your interviewer.

To start, use the job description we will send to you on application. But remember, you might need to look a little deeper than just the company website - you may find some helpful information from blogs and other external sources.

Back up your skill set with examples of success

Remember to back up your experiences with examples of where you have delivered throughout your career. Any examples of successful campaigns, successful initiatives and demonstrating your ROI will put you ahead of the competition.

Show your enthusiasm throughout

Always let your enthusiasm shine through. If you have had a bad morning, a bad journey or the interview isn’t quite what you expected, leave that outside of the interview room and keep an open mind. Approach the interview positively and show your enthusiasm and interest in the role.

Ask questions

This is the way of showing your interest and enthusiasm for the role, whilst finding out more about how the company works and the industry. It is important to extend the conversation with the interviewer, this gives you more time to build a rapport and it reflects that you’re really interested in the job.

Ask questions that will help you get a better idea of the role such as “How big is the team I could be working with?” and “What would a day in this job involve?” As much as it’s important that you impress, it’s also important you get a good idea of the role to make sure you actually want it, should you be successful!