Why a Recruitment Agency in the Midlands Should Optimise for Mobile.

The number of mobile phone subscriptions is set to be greater than the world's population by 2015. In addition, smartphones will quickly become more popular than traditional mobile phones. However, fewer than 10 per cent of company career pages are suitable for viewing on a remote device.  

Careers network Beyond.com claims that just eight per cent of people consider application processes to be painless. Those organisations already benefitting from making the move to become mobile-enabled look set for a bright future. Companies that lag behind the mobile revolution are certain to lose out on the top candidates, especially with the technology-savvy Millennials providing the talent for future recruitment. The smartphones and tablets have become so fully integrated into society that it is rare for individuals not to have a device.


For a  Midland recruitment agency serious about entering the mobile arena, there is much to consider. It's not just about designing a website with additional functionality to accommodate mobile viewing. They must also think carefully about differences in the way information is delivered and digested. Calls to action, concentration, marketing styles and the depth of information provided will all need to be different when catering for on-the-go job-seekers.


The way job-seekers communicate with hiring teams also needs to be adapted. Writing covering letters and attaching CVs to documents can be difficult tasks to perform with a mobile device. Supplying links to accounts such as LinkedIn could prove more convenient and may provide potential employers with a more rounded view of candidates. In addition, given the propensity for considerably reduced attention spans from those using a mobile device, a recruitment agency in London must be ready to supply much more succinct job descriptions to attract potential candidates.