Why recruitment agencies need to be more than a voice at the end of the phone

Most of us have been there, you receive a phone call from a recruitment agency about an amazing new opportunity, spend time going through your skills and experience only never to hear of them or the role again. Unfortunately, situations like this have become common within the recruitment industry and as a result are creating a culture of distrust amongst those candidates who have experienced service like this.

Here at ESA Group we believe that every client and candidate is unique and deserve to be treated as such. As a business we strive to stand out from other recruitment agencies and have placed customer service at the heart of our organisation.

Subsequently we have created our own unique customer service system to ensure that candidates are kept in the loop throughout the whole recruitment process and while we cannot guarantee that we will place you in a role, we can assure you that we will do our best to make your experience with ESA Group exceptional.

Our candidate journey begins from the moment we receive a CV. We aim to contact all candidates within 24 hours of receiving their CV to discuss potential opportunities and get a general overview of their skills and experiences.

Before we put a candidate forward for a role we always endeavour to meet with them so that we can get to know the person behind the CV and to give candidates the opportunity to the meet the consultant at the end of the phone who is rooting for them to get the role.

We feel it is crucial to meet with candidates to gain a deeper understanding of what they are looking for, not only in their new job role but also in regards to office culture so that we can ensure that we help them find the best role possible.

As we do with our candidates, when taking on a new job role we endeavour to visit our clients on site to take the job briefing in person. We find this allows us to get a feel for the office culture which in turn allows us to provide the right culture fit for both candidates and clients.

For us recruitment isn’t about making a quick buck, it’s about building valuable relationships built upon our core values of honesty and transparency.

Developing a deep understanding of the needs of our clients and candidates is a crucial part of business approach. We make sure we understand skill sets, personalities and career aspirations in an effort to achieve the highest level of organisational fit.

For us it is truly telling that those we have previously placed within a role are now using ESA Group to recruit for their organisation.

If you are looking for a new job role then head over to our vacancies page where you can browse through our exciting job opportunities within marketing, technology, HR, sales and procurement and supply chain.

Alternatively, if you are an organisation who have vacant job roles and are looking to recruit then why not give us a call on 0121 210 5100 or email us on info@esa-group.co.uk to discuss your requirements in more detail.