What’s Cooking in Shropshire’s Economy?


The current return to form for the housing market is having great effects on the Shropshire economy. Aga Rangemaster, which has a finishing factory in Telford, has reported an increase of approximately 25% in the sales of electric ovens. The sales are the result of both the build of new houses and the increase in the number of existing home owners making improvements to their own properties. It is an interesting reminder of how interlinked different industries can be and how the performance of one sector can so directly affect the fortunes of another. Further good news for the Shropshire economy came with the announcements from Stadco and Heinz. Stadco, which is a firm that makes car parts, announced a number of new jobs as part of the company’s expansion in Shrewsbury and Telford. The famous food brand Heinz is also planning to expand its local factory, creating around 80 new jobs for the area. Taking on additional staff is a clear indication that a company’s performance is strong enough to cope with the additional staffing costs, and also that there is sufficient optimism about the market and future orders that the additional output from the increased workforce will be taken up. All this is good news for sales and marketing teams. During the recession, it was often the case that the first jobs to go when companies needed to cut back were from the marketing and training departments. Rightly or wrongly, many companies saw marketing as an expense rather than an investment during the recession so would have cut costs in this area. Hopefully, the re-emergence of the economy from the recession will mean a return to more permanent in-house roles for marketing professionals where companies once had to manage with ad hoc support from outsourced services. The recent boosts to the economy might have positive knock-on effects for marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire as businesses look to build on the growing sales opportunities. If you are looking for a change in your career, this could be a good time to send your CV to local marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire. You can also always take the initiative and apply directly with speculative applications presenting what you can bring to the company should they be looking to hire. If you are to choose this approach, then keep a close eye on what’s happening in the local economy to see which firms are most likely to be hiring.