Virtual Relationships Are the Way Forward


Customer relationship management used to be about how businesses kept in touch with identified customers and prospects through received or acquired contact details. Now with the rise of social media, relationships can be built up effectively through communities of online users all subscribing to the same communication forums. However, despite individual relationships not being the focus of the communications, trust is still the number one factor in establishing a connection and gaining loyalty. To make the best and most lasting impact through social media marketing, your brand values have got to be at the centre of your online strategy. Whether you are finalising the detail of your entire web content representation or posting a quick update via Twitter, your brand values need to be clear and consistently relayed. Customers and prospects need to see consistency in all their interactions with your company and its products or services in order to trust who they are dealing with and know what standards to expect. Your online presence needs to be constantly monitored, and problems need to be responded to and rectified immediately in order to limit damage. The speed and visibility of complaint management can actually boost a company’s reputation rather than damage it, so it pays to be on the ball. If you are new to community building online and are used to dealing with contacts via emails, phone or face to face, then you may at first feel that it is all a little impersonal. However, you will soon see how open communications can be and how quickly you can build up relationships and gain ‘followers’, ‘likes’ and genuine advocates. Consumers are faced with many choices and are becoming ever more discerning in where and how they will spend their money. Don’t be surprised to find consumers wanting to get to know and test your company's reputation before parting with their hard-earned money. Gaining recommendations from online communities and service users is the new version of a trusted recommendation from friends or family. It is the word-of-mouth marketing equivalent that companies strive for but for which they can now add a helping push in the right direction. The transparency which the internet now brings to business and consumer experience means that companies have to work doubly hard to generate and maintain a good reputation, but the rewards of doing so can be great. Comments, feedback, re-tweets and sharing your content are all consumer behaviours which offer valuable learning experiences for your company to get to know the personality types of your customers and online communities. This in turn should help you position your content and messaging to appeal to the right audience and the ideal customer. All this is only possible if you have the right resource in place to manage it. When you need expert skills and the right experience to boost your marketing implementation, marketing recruitment agencies in Warwickshire can lend an expert helping hand. Attracting the best talent to your company can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, so let marketing recruitment agencies in Warwickshire bring the talent to you.