The Importance of Social Media


While the fast-changing nature of technology and marketing trends seemed to be non-stop, new research suggests that changes to the technology we use, such as social media, are slowing down. However, increased and smarter use of these channels will become more important for your marketing success than your search-engine rankings alone will. With the release of the Hummingbird algorithm by Google, the extent to which your business is being discussed on social media sites will directly boost your search-engine rankings. So you can stop using resources to look out for the next big thing in order to get ahead, and redirect that effort to the channels you have in place and make much better use of them. If you don’t have the right social media management resource in your marketing team, it’s time to review your resourcing strategy and marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire can help you get this under way. If you are wondering about the ability of marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire to supply the best talent, check out how they are managing their social media. There are lots of social media tools available, and it is not enough simply to be using one of them. Each can serve a different and complementary purpose to the other, and a mixture of them together can yield great results for your presence online. So make sure you are investigating the best ways to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and the many other platforms that may be appropriate for your business. When trawling through the minefield of social sites, it can pay to go with your natural reactions about how they work and how easy or difficult you find them to get to grips with. If you find it easy to engage with a site and its content, purpose and how to use it, then the chances are that so will your customers. So keep it simple. Also look for sites which are most responsive to different viewing formats and how they render on the various handheld devices in everyday use. What all these social platforms have in common is the speed by which information, praise or condemnation can be posted live and viewed by many. So as a business engaged in this form of communication with customers, you need to be ready to respond and be vigilant about the types of content or comments being posted and shared about your company, products or services. While this can sound daunting, if managed effectively and efficiently, it can provide an excellent showcase of your customer satisfaction credentials.