Taking Chances with Your Content


With so much happening on the web and within social networking circles, your content could easily be getting lost. Imagine that you enter a library looking for a good book but don’t know where to start. The easiest way to find something that you will enjoy will be to ask someone who knows your likes and dislikes and get them to recommend something. With so much to choose from, the web can work in exactly the same way. Users will naturally look at things that someone they trust has recommended. Alternatively, you can go to the library looking for a very specific book and you have all the details but you still won’t be able to find it until you know the shelf location and catalogue code. The same can be said of using keywords and search terms in your web content. If you can’t furnish your content with the same terms and keywords that your ideal customers would search for, then you are making it very difficult for them to find you. You need your content to stand out from the crowd, so you may need to take some risks. Take off your sales hat for a few minutes and think about what sort of things would catch your attention. You might find the answers lie in three main forms: things that shock you, things that make you laugh and things that tug on your heart strings. Whichever of these effects you decide to go for, do your homework thoroughly and try to avoid anything that could generate negative responses. Taking a chance on introducing a bit of humour can work wonders for your visitor numbers. Not everyone wants to be sold to all the time, so remember that as people browse they will only pause to read further when something captures their interest. What better way to do this than to make them laugh? If you can combine your humorous content with an action to get people involved, such as adding their own suggestions to funny ‘caption’ photos, then you engage your users and will most likely get them talking about you and your company. If the humour is good enough, you will find your ‘social media circle’ growing as users pass your link to their friends to join the fun. This may have nothing whatsoever to do with selling anything, but it gets people talking about you and that’s good for any brand. When it comes to SEO and search-term marketing, you shouldn’t leave this to chance. Your site's content should use the same language that your customer will use. You need to research which terms and keywords users are entering to locate sites similar to your own. However, when you apply your findings to your site, they need to built into good and relevant content and not just tagged on. If you are looking for innovative content creators or SEO experts to boost your online presence, then speak to marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham. If you don’t know where to start in choosing an agency to work with, then why not search for marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham and see which results grab your attention?