Want to work with the best of Generation Y? Here’s how to attract the top talent.


Retaining and attracting the best talent in any business is difficult and it’s even more important for a growing company in a competitive marketplace.

Smart companies know that they're only as good as their most gifted workers, and will therefore prioritize seeking out the best of the best for their organizations.

As technology continues to evolve, it will play an increasingly important role in the way companies and HR teams approach the talent search and the hiring process. So, what's on the horizon for this important area of business operations?

The future is digital

When LinkedIn and online job applications first emerged, they were seen as supplements to the traditional paper résumé and in-person interview. Today, the world of recruiting is nearly 100% digital.

CVs are starting to be displaced by evolving digital representations of an individual’s experience, skills, and aptitudes. Innovative tools that use social media, big data and other tech will give hiring managers detailed insights into a person’s aptitude that was never possible before.

Not even twenty years ago, the résumé was just a piece of paper. And most people would struggle to verify that even half of it was true. Now, recruiters can assess whether a person will ‘fit’ with the personality of their business, and accurately learn whether they have the right skills for the job by using a wide array of digital tools.

Want to hire somebody from another country? Now there’s no need to fly them in at great expense. Simply use a video based interview over Skype or similar, along with a variety online assessments, and you can quantify your candidates just as efficiently as if you met them in person.

Streamlined applications

Today's job seekers know their worth and are aware of the competitive landscape. They see opportunities everywhere, and if one employer takes too long to respond or makes it difficult to apply, they'll quickly pass it up for another job opening.

Talent acquisition has suddenly become a seller’s market. One way to address this is by using recruitment marketing technologies such as candidate job portals, employee onboarding and specialty tools that foster employee referrals.

Although some small employers can’t afford sophisticated tech, they can still use the basics. Even by posting a job ad on their own website, together with a campaign on any existing social media networks, they can still reach job hunters with an engaging and simple process.

Maximise your employment brand

Savvy candidates will evaluate company brands before applying to or accepting a job, much in the same way they evaluate consumer brands when shopping. They’ll be researching you just as much as you are them, so it’s important your public facing brand meets their expectations.

A poor website or inactive social feeds will soon turn a potential employee off. They’ll want to be actively engaged with you company before they apply, or they’ll be unlikely to understand whether their personality will work with yours.

Similarly, don’t forget that there are even digital hubs out there that are starting to review how good your employees perceive you as a business. Sites such as Glassdoor are becoming increasingly important when it comes to looking after your brand.

Focus on passive candidates

As the number of Generation Y — and soon, Gen Z — workers continue to increase, recruiters are learning that these employees' expectations about the hiring process differ from those of older generations.

Those who’ve been raised on technology don’t really accept the legacy concepts of recruiting and many are used to head hunters coming to them, rather than vice versa. This is even starting to become true for junior roles too.

It’s becoming more and more important for a recruiter to be proactive when finding candidates, such as through LinkedIn and other social profiles. Today’s professionals take their online positioning very seriously and many even have their own website to showcase their work.

Whilst digital tools will never fully replace the human instinct necessary for identifying the right candidates, an ability to stay on top of technological trends could be a company’s biggest advantage going forward.

Taking advantage of tools which go beyond paper will help you ensure you make the right hire and ultimately save your business time, headaches and cash.

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