Snappy Strapline Summaries


Getting your message out to the market is a non-stop challenge. Frequency of visibility of your brand can only be a good thing. If you are succeeding with that, then you can maximise on the ongoing impact by having snappy straplines to accompany your logo to quickly communicate what it is you are about. However, generating the right strapline is not as easy at it might appear, even though they are usually only a matter of a few words. You can take a few approaches to get the creative juices flowing, and it is wise to remember that the best suggestions can come from the most unlikely of sources. Setting up a brainstorming session with your marketing and sales teams is one way to generate ideas, as the natural flow of suggestions comes from the ideas of one person sparking an idea in another. While this might not immediately generate the final useable strapline, it can take you a good way towards it and the good offerings can be fine-tuned. Another good approach which works well to get staff engaged and feel a sense of belonging to your brand is to set up a competition at work to get all staff sending in suggestions. Obviously, you should offer a great prize for any submissions used. If you cannot generate a strapline which fully hits the mark by less formal means, then you could always engage the services of a marketing agency. You could also bring in a freelance copywriter if this is not a skill which you have in your current marketing team. Copywriting is a skill that can take a while to develop and if you don’t have the capability in-house, it is worth weighing up the benefits of recruiting. Copywriters will bring you strapline solutions, and they can also craft your online content, your advertising copy and content for all your marketing literature, taking the burden off other members of staff who are not best suited to it. Additionally copywriters can be well placed to contribute to your internal communications functions and business documentation too, so there are many ways that you can secure a good return on your hiring investment. If you speak to marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire, you will also find that many marketing candidates list copywriting as one of their many skills, so they will be able to turn their hand to other marketing tasks too. However, if you do want someone to purely concentrate on the written word, then marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire will be able to find you the ideal person.