Shropshire Welcomes the World


The watch words for many businesses coming out of the recession are 'international trade'. The hopes for survival and expansion for many businesses will depend on finding new markets and customers overseas. However, this is just one way of engaging with international businesses to boost the economy. The other option is to make use of your country or region's best assets, such as an existing industrial or manufacturing base, and invite inward investment from overseas companies. If sufficient trade doesn't exist at home, but you still have the means of production, it makes sense to market that capability overseas. This is just what has been happening in Shropshire, as the mayor of Shrewsbury, Jon Tandy, recently hosted a visit from the managing director of a Shanghai-based automotive company. The Chinese delegation visited Stadco and Salop Design and Engineering, which are both involved in the manufacture of components used in the automotive industry. The West Midlands can certainly be proud of its heritage of excellence in manufacturing and engineering, so building on this capability is the natural next step. Promoting and selling a region can be a very different kind of marketing challenge. A mixture of a real passion for an area along with a keen understanding of its economic potential for investors is required to really do a region justice on the international stage. It is useful to be able to look at an area from the outside in and be able to assess how it might come across to someone who knows nothing of its hidden gems. While assessing and presenting a region in its best light, it is also vital that you are keeping an eye on the efforts of other regions with similar investment opportunities taking the same approach. What have they got to offer that your region hasn't? This is a truly exciting area of marketing to be involved with, and as more and more places seek international inward investment the likelihood is that more marketers will be required to facilitate the process. If this sounds like something you would like to move into, then why not visit marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire to see what opportunities are available. While the task of promoting a region is a huge undertaking, it is not a one-man band. Whole teams of people are involved, from events management to PR and communications, relationship building and overall economic strategy. So as marketing recruitment agencies in Shropshire will be able to advise you, there are many routes into this career.