Should You Apply If There Is a Strong Internal Candidate?


Putting in a proper application for a job can take a lot of work and effort if you want to be taken seriously. It is not good enough to simply fire off CVs to anything and everything that takes your fancy. For each job opportunity you should be taking the time to illustrate how you meet all the criteria required of the applicant and highlight your suitability for the specifics of the role. So when you consider the time and effort that a good application can take, is it really worth applying for a job if you think there is already a strong internal candidate lined up for the position? The simple answer is yes. At a very basic level, whether you get the job or not you should always view the recruitment process as a valuable experience you can learn from. When you have been through a process for a job you thought you were ideal for but are unsuccessful, you should review what you could have done better. Did you dress appropriately, did you present well, did you provide sufficient evidence when answering questions and were you confident enough or over-confident? Learn from any mistakes and apply that learning to the next application. The recruitment process can cost a lot of money, so ask yourself if a company would go through the expense of advertising, interviewing and possibly even employing the services of marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire if they weren't seriously interested in checking out external talent? Even if there are strong candidates within a company, sometimes what is most needed is a fresh pair of eyes to tackle a role. You may be just as strong as the internal candidates but with the added value of being external, and therefore having different recent experience and a new perspective that could make you the stronger candidate. So be sure to emphasise what it is you can bring to the company to benefit it. If there is an internal candidate being interviewed for the role, but you sufficiently impress at interview, then a serious employer will look to find positions for both of you. If you are unsuccessful in this instance, they may ask you apply again for future opportunities. So whatever effort you have put into your application, whether it's successful or not it is never a waste of time. Whenever you are unsuccessful ask for feedback on your application — you won't always get it but it's worth asking. If you apply through marketing recruitment agencies in Worcestershire, they can get feedback for you.