Remember Your Clients at Christmas


  You might have missed the post for guaranteed delivery before offices start to close for the festive season, but don't worry because you haven't missed out. With e-cards you can organise your season's greetings quickly and efficiently. If you have been the main person your clients make contact with, it is a good idea to send your own festive cards to thank them for their continued business. If you can personalise the messages, then all the better. While it is still good to have a general card from the company, it adds a special touch for the customer to think that they have been specifically remembered and not just bundled together with a data list as part of a marketing exercise. Sending e-cards is a popular way to exchange greetings in business, and not simply because it saves time. Many companies adopt a policy of using electronic messages as part of their environmental commitments by cutting down on the use of paper products and as part of their CSR programme. Often the money saved by not printing and posting cards is donated instead to a charity which the company supports. As well as being efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, e-cards offer a number of other benefits. They offer a unique opportunity to create a visual impact for your brand in a non-selling format. They are a handy way to inform clients and contacts of your festive-period office closures. And, best of all, they don't each need to be signed by hand. It would be no surprise to find that some clients view the sending and receiving of Christmas cards with cynicism, assuming that they are just part of a marketing ploy. However, there is a great way to get round this which can end up boosting your brand even more than the most deliberate of exercises might set out to achieve. Attempt to inject some humour into the card so that whether it is viewed with caution or not it can at least raise a smile and make the receiver forget any perceived marketing angle. The double bonus of this is that if it is funny enough it will get forwarded to friends and colleagues, and before you know it you have a viral marketing success on your hands. If you are looking for sales and marketing staff who can strike the right balance with their customer contacts then visit sales recruitment agencies in Shropshire to see how they can help. If you are not based near sales recruitment agencies in Shropshire, then check out their services online.