Put Your Skills to the Test


If you want to really test if you are a good sales professional, you could try selling to sales recruitment agencies in Shropshire. If there are going to be people who will know the ins and outs of sales techniques and have learned every trick in the book, it will be the very people who have the skills to place the right sales professionals with the right employers: the recruitment specialists. You will have had to sell yourself as a worthwhile candidate when applying for jobs through sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire, but it would be very different for those people to see you in action in the very role they placed you. Presenting your skills at interview can be very different from proving them in practice. It is unlikely that you will end up selling to those individuals who placed you in your sales role in the first place, but imagining that you have to do so can be a useful way to assess your own skills and how you present them. So when you are applying for positions through sales recruitment agencies in Worcestershire, pretend that you are going to have to sell to them for real in the future. Be as sincere as you can about your approach. Try to avoid falling into the trap of saying or doing what you think it is they want to hear or see just to get the job. Being yourself at interview is essential, as that is who you’ll be in your job. You can only put on an act for so long. The evaluation criteria you are assessed against in your interview will be the same criteria you are performance-managed against in the job, so there’s no point thinking you can wing it. Put your skills to the test in the interview. If it doesn’t work out, the chances are that this particular job wasn’t right for you. Use the interview just as much to test whether the role is going to be right for you as you would use it to show you are right for it. If you think you would be right for a career in sales, but you haven’t had the opportunity to put your skills to the test, why not try volunteering for local fundraising activities which require people to sell tickets to shows or raffle tickets or gain sponsorship? If this goes well, then try out temporary roles or short-term contracts as a way to find out what types of sales roles or companies you would be most suited to.