Proudly Introducing ESA Marketing...

ESA Marketing.

Following a brand review after impressive business growth, with 50% in 2013 and 60% in 2014, as of today Edward Samuel Associates becomes ESA Marketing. We are welcoming a new visual identity, tagline and expanded online presence to support business growth and reflect the brand identity that ESA Marketing has evolved into through building strong partnerships with clients and candidates.

ESA Marketing is a leading marketing recruitment agency specialising in recruitment, talent management and head-hunting solutions for leading organisations across the private and public sector. We are specialists in recruiting across the full marketing mix, working with the leading communications, marketing, PR, design and product professionals.

Why ESA Marketing?

We believe ESA Marketing stays true to our roots as Edward Samuel Associates while incorporating our passion and commitment to the marketing industry. We have taken the opportunity to simplify our name, ensuring that our brand image reflects our values and is easier for companies to remember, ensuring that ESA Marketing are the recruitment company on all marketing professionals and organisations lips.

As our business has grown, we have developed into a company that lives and breathes the marketing industry, not only have we built a strong network of the brightest marketing candidates while providing access to the Midlands most exciting marketing vacancies; We have become passionate about the marketing industry as a whole and thoroughly invest our time in discovering the latest trends and news to strengthen our ability to provide an outstanding marketing recruitment service.

Our new brand name, tagline, logo and initiatives tell the industry who we are and what we stand for; providing a specialist marketing recruitment service. We have taken the opportunity to re brand our business to showcase our impressive knowledge of the industry which we have built through experience and our brand image, we feel, now surpasses industry standards. 

 “The Midlands Marketing Recruitment Specialists”

From today, “The Midlands Marketing Recruitment Specialists” becomes ESA Marketing’s tagline which is in line with both the businesses core values, future strategy and reputation that has been built through partnership with leading marketing professionals and organisations.

Our tagline reflects our mission for ESA Marketing, to provide an outstanding recruitment service and thrive on the reputation we have proudly built of being the Midlands marketing recruitment specialists.

ESA Marketing is a leading marketing recruitment agency that is committed to treating our clients and candidates with integrity and empathy to ensure you are never treated as a number. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an outstanding recruitment service, tailored to individual requirements to ensure our matching ability is never compromised and achieving an exceptional organisational fit.

We have ensured that our four core principles are at the heart of the ESA Marketing brand:


A quality which is lacking across this industry, we put it at the heart of what we do, balancing the needs of clients and candidates with honesty and transparency.


Developing a deep level of understanding with our candidates and clients is a critical part of our business, we never treat our candidates as a number. We meet every candidate to ensure we understand skill sets, passions and career aspirations to achieve the highest level of organisational fit and provide recruitment solutions that help achieve greater performance.


We specialise in marketing, it is what we do, it is our passion so it comes as no surprise that we are constantly keeping up to date with news while networking and further developing our talent pools. By doing this, we ensure that we have a constant source of the most sought after marketing talent. We focus on what matters, saving you time in identifying the best.


Every member of ESA Marketing takes a great deal of pride in delivering first class customer service. We take our time in getting to know our clients and candidates to further guarantee providing a quality recruitment experience.

There is still more to come...

Within April, ESA Marketing will be announcing more exciting news about our future and we cannot wait to announce the full details of the future of ESA Marketing which is truly exciting.

Are you a candidate looking for a new job? Find out more about how we can help you.

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We look forward to hearing from you!