Perks of the job


It is reported that more than a third of employees admit that company perks and benefits are amongst their top considerations before taking a job. For example, creative agencies in the marketing and digital world are currently pushing the work life balance boundaries, investing more in employees’ health and wellbeing and encouraging fun. 

Here are a few things we’ve seen advertised for senior level digital and marketing roles through ESA Group.

Social perks

Pub Fridays, free lunches and creative corners have become staple accessories in offices all over the UK, with some companies even installing bars in the office itself! By creating a more social atmosphere in the office it nurtures better communication between team members, breaking down the co-worker walls, enabling people to communicate freely in the office environment, encouraging idea brainstorms and building stronger relationships. Regular staff events such as meals out, activity training days and Friday drinks have become a key attribute to office life and are regularly touted as perks within the roles we recruit for. 

Flexible working hours

Not a fan of the 9 to 5 day-in day-out? Many marketing roles let you take control over how you structure your week. Whether it’s late starts, early finishes, part-time, working from home, job sharing or hot-desking, there are loads of options to suit you. A recent survey found only 14% of marketing professionals worked for companies who didn’t currently offer flexible working hours. With the marketing industry prioritising creative productivity, you could negotiate a schedule that works for you and this is certainly something we’ve seen advertised. 



Annual leave allowance is a staple perk of any business, however many companies are no longer opting for the set 28 days paid leave for their marketing employees. From unlimited holiday days to paid sabbaticals, businesses are working hard and playing hard. We’ve even seen some companies take their staff on annual month long, five-star holidays to locations like Goa, Buenos Aires and Thailand. Embracing the geographic flexibility which is a staple for digital and marketing roles, they promote coinciding work and travel. 

Health and wellbeing perks 

Discounted gym memberships, organic lunches and office smoothie bars are amongst some of the perks being incorporated by offices to invest in staff’s physical and mental health and wellbeing. Some brands promote their employees’ health and wellbeing by providing free, healthy breakfast and fruit everyday along with weekly sports massages, whilst the ESA Group office includes a gym that is accessible to all team members. Endorphins created by exercise are vital for fuelling creativity, therefore it is encouraged for staff to get a sweat on before work, during lunch or on their way home. 


Could you be influenced by additional perks? Are ‘bring your pup to work days’ and in-office cocktail master classes your dream work environments? With plenty of other perks and benefits that are unique to each company, you are sure to find the best marketing role that fits you. 

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