New Wave or Old School: Where Do Your Talents Lie?


When looking for the next great talent for their clients, marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham will need a variety of candidates to address the diverse needs of marketing departments in hiring companies as one size does not fit all. One marketing job can be a world apart from another. Within their talent pool they will also be looking for candidates with specialist areas of work and others with a broad handle on the entire marketing mix, whether at strategic or implementation level. If you are looking for your next marketing challenge, you may want to decide where you want your focus to lie. What is it that will determine which jobs you want to apply for? Is there a specific employer or sector you want to work with, or is it the nature of the remuneration package with a strong element of work-life balance that will draw you in? Do you want to focus on one specific area of marketing within a large marketing team, or do you thrive on jumping from one discipline to another where internal marketing resource is limited? If you have a broad range of experience and would rather go where the best offers are, then you will need to make sure you tailor your CV and applications to each role you apply for to bring to the fore the particular skills, knowledge or experience it demands. In recent years the scope for marketing has massively increased with the growth of the online arena — not only are websites a must, but you have the discipline of social media to master too as an everyday task. Along with these developments, consumers have also progressed and have become smarter at honing in on the information they are looking for and blocking out the unnecessary clutter which surrounds it. This makes it harder than ever for advertising to make an impact, which increases the demands being made on advertisers. The range of skills required to cover the marketing mix is huge, as the new vehicles haven’t necessarily replaced the old standards, such as print-based promotions and direct mail — they have simply added to the tools available to be used for different situations, media or audiences. Print production still has a big role to play in marketing and therefore so too do the skills required for this job, such as co-ordinating content, graphic design, copywriting, proofing and managing third-party suppliers such as printers. If you feel that your skills are best suited to the old-school marketing methods, then don’t worry that suitable roles are disappearing. Visit your local marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham or check out their websites to see what is currently being advertised. You may find that job titles have changed but that many tasks remain the same — or at least still require the same skill set even if some of the applications have moved on. Businesses will always need glossy brochures and events and exhibitions will always need attending. And no matter how green the agenda gets, there looks to be no end to direct mail and promotional inserts put through our letter boxes or tucked inside our newspapers.