New research shows HR managers are struggling to recruit quality international candidates

46% of international HR managers say they are struggling to recruit quality global candidates according to new research by CEMS – the Global Alliance in Business Education. The survey interviewed 80 international HR managers (half of which were based in Europe), regarding the challenges of global recruitment and managing an international workforce.

Unsurprisingly 87% of the international HR managers surveyed said that foreign language skills are important for employability.

When asked about the major challenges for those relocating to work abroad the top three issues were;

  1. Understanding a new culture – 48%
  2. Cultural shock – 24%
  3. Language/communication – 16%

Other potential issues included visa issues and the high costs of relocation for the company.

When discussing the advantages of hiring employees globally there was a difference in response depending on whether the interviewee was based within Europe or not.

  • 74% of European HR managers believe that an advantage of hiring employees from a different countries leads to a diverse working atmosphere.
  • HR managers based outside of Europe (US & Asia), placed more of a focus on closing gaps that are hard to fill and meeting the expectations of graduate employees when working with international colleagues.

One in seven HR managers interviewed from larger organisations said that 30% of managers within their business work internationally. For those in smaller organisations 41% of interviewees said that less than 5% of the managers within their company work internationally.