New Challenges for Digital Marketing Recruitment in the West Midlands

Multichannel marketing is the art of customer interaction through a mixture of direct and indirect channels of communication, such as email, direct mail, websites and mobile. The aim is for consumers to take action - to buy a product or service - by responding via their preferred channel. Put simply, multichannel marketing is about giving customers choice. As those in sales recruitment will know, Digital marketing recruitment is important in today's business world, where customers are everywhere and multichannel users spend up to four times more than single-channel users. In terms of sourcing information, there is now more choice for customers than ever. This puts them in a strong position, giving them considerably more control than marketers over the buying process. Embracing a multichannel marketing method is not only a desirable step for organisations, it is essential for continued success.


Those in digital marketing recruitment in the West Midlands must identify candidates who can provide the following.


Targeted Messaging

No matter what channel is used, it is not sufficient to target the right audience with the right message. The message must be personalised to the extent that the recipient is compelled to act. It must be interesting enough to get their attention and engage them.


Response Attribution

Employees must be able to determine which campaigns, channels, and touch point sequences triggered a response (and thus were successful). Given the sheer number of channels, this can prove difficult, even with up-to-the-minute technology and applications to help with collection and interpretation of information.


Choreographed Campaigns

Customers are typically resistant to change. Therefore it is unlikely that they will happily migrate from one preferred channel or device to another. Marketers must create micro-campaigns which not only span channels, but are also communicated in a timely and meaningful way.