New Beginnings for Stafford Town Centre


Staffordshire has long been anticipating the start of work on the town's new retail and leisure complex, but the news is that it is due to start this month. The Riverside development will be situated in the town centre of Stafford and is likely to include big-name department stores and a multi-cinema complex. Further details of what the development will deliver will be made available at an exhibition which will be held soon. Depending on what outlets and businesses take up space in the new development, marketing recruitment agencies in Staffordshire could find themselves busy helping businesses to secure the talent needed to market these new concerns. The building and development of the complex itself will create new jobs for the residents of Staffordshire, but if you are looking to take advantage of the new jobs it will create once it is completed and new offices, stores and facilities ready themselves to open for business, you will have to wait a while as the development is expected to take around a year and a half to complete. However, if you are keen to secure a job in this new development, then make sure you go along to the exhibition to find out as much as you can about the companies likely to be taking up spaces. Then you can follow the workforce development and recruitment activities of the companies named so that you are ready with your application when the hiring process starts. If you are really proactive, you might decide to send a speculative application to the companies, noting that you are interested in opportunities which may arise from the new development. It is also worth registering with marketing recruitment agencies in Staffordshire and letting them know what your career development interests are and that you are prepared to wait for the right job if that is what you really want. If the recruitment agencies already work with any of the companies which will be involved in the new complex, they might have advance knowledge of what positions will be recruited for. Whatever career options this development might generate, it is a timely reminder that things don't stay the same. If you want to be ready for new opportunities, then it pays to keep your career performance record and CV up to date. It can be very easy to forget or overlook your achievements at work when you are not applying for jobs, and they can become just passing notes in a performance review or a thank-you email. As a New Year's resolution, why not make an effort to record all your achievements and save copies of any thank-you notes and recognition you received for your good work? When it comes to applying for that perfect job, you will want all the evidence you can get to prove you are the ideal candidate. Don't be afraid to ask colleagues or managers who praise your work verbally to put it in an email for you — they are always good to have for performance reviews.