Mis-Selling Boosts Other Sales


The amount of compensation that customers have been receiving from mis-selling things such as PPI has been linked to the increase in car sales as consumers find themselves with lump sums they hadn't expected. While these are serious and extreme cases of misconduct within the sales and financial services professions, they are timely reminders that the effect of a poor approach to selling can mean sales for other businesses, but usually those other businesses will be your competitors. Think beyond the temptation to make the sale at all costs. Remember that the sales process for the customer doesn't end at the point that the customer signs on the dotted line or hands over the cash. That is the point at which it begins. To be successful at sales you need to operate honestly and with integrity and truly understand the value of the product or service you are selling. By believing in what you sell, your passion will come through, and when that is matched with the knowledge that you are totally trustworthy, your customer base will keep growing — largely though word-of-mouth recommendations. However, in just the same way that a great customer experience can be quickly communicated, the news of bad experiences spreads even faster. If you stretch the truth about what a product or service can deliver, it is only a matter of time before that is discovered and the after-sales service will be left to pick up the pieces. So the sale must be successful throughout the process, and that means that all follow-ups such as receipt and performance of the product and the interactions with customer services must meet the expectations set by you in the initial sale. Anything less and you will find your competitors benefiting from your poor conduct. Feeling confident about the reputation and operations of the company you work for can be central to you being able to confidently sell. If you have even the smallest doubts, then this can start to affect your performance and that will quickly show in your results. If in doubt, it's time to start looking for a new job and a new company to represent. See what sales recruitment agencies in Birmingham have on their vacancy lists and do some research into the companies hiring. If there is a specific company you would like to work for, then let the sales recruitment agencies in Birmingham know in case they are contacted about any opportunities or they already work with that company and are able to forward your details speculatively.