Midlands in demand, the regions most sought after skills


As you may have seen in our recent state of the market report, the West Midlands is a terrific place to do business right now. The region boasts a vibrant business community which continues to generate a huge demand for talent, opening up a range of exciting opportunities for those thinking about a new role.

So what are the top skills these businesses are seeking?

The past few years have seen just under 12,000 new tech companies established in the UK. The Midlands accounts for around 1,000 of these businesses alone, and has the biggest community of startups outside of the capital. 

With this burgeoning community, comes an insatiable demand for talent. According to a recent report from Stack Overflow, the West Midlands is home to the largest community of software developers outside of London, a group that is only expected to continue growing!

As the tech sector continues to expand in the area, this demand for talent isn’t in danger of abating anytime soon.

At ESA Group, we see a significant demand for the following skills from the companies we work within this sector:


•    Software Development

•    UX Design

•    Product Management


As well as technical roles, the significance of the West Midlands as a place to do business means that skills in marketing and business growth remain high in demand. As the business community in the Midlands continues to grow, we are dealing with more businesses searching for skilled talent in the following areas:


•    CRM Management

•    Campaign Management

•    Paid Search


It is clear that the region is a really exciting place to be doing business at the moment, and the demand for skilled talent is representative of that. With the wealth of opportunity for those looking for their next role, there needn’t be any need to look much further than the West Midlands for your next position.

If you are seeking a new opportunity, why not take a look at the range of roles we are currently hiring for?