Look a Little Further


Successful marketing isn’t always about promoting your products and services to the end consumer. Often you need to be able to market yourself as a keen supply-chain partner and find routes to deliver your services via a third party. So when you are looking at target markets, you should be keeping an eye on large firms that may require your services within whatever projects they are delivering. When they win business, you can win business too. Make sure you are taking full advantage of your location. Many council-run projects will have targets and strategic objectives to engage with local firms on the work they need doing. For example, earlier this month Coventry City Council announced plans to promote supply-chain opportunities for local businesses to work with Costain, which has won a council building contract worth £12.6 million. Collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce, they have come together to promote the local opportunities available through a drop-in day. This is an ideal opportunity for local companies to market themselves to the council as well as the major contract delivery partner Costain. While these may be building contracts, there are all sorts of suppliers that may be needed on projects and the ‘think local’ approach will apply as much to the hiring of employees as to suppliers. If you are an individual looking for your next career move, it might be worth contacting marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry to see if there are likely to be any sales or marketing-related opportunities arising. Communications might be a key area on big projects, along with PR, so it is worth enquiring. Announcements such as this recent one by the council are timely reminders that supporting council principles and objectives can put you in a good position when it comes to applying for preferred-supplier opportunities. Marketing teams can be preparing the ground for such opportunities by aligning their market messages to those areas important to the council, which will make the bidding process that much easier for the sales teams when the time comes. Marketing roles can open up a huge range of career opportunities for the keen candidate, as there are so many disciplines incorporated in the marketing mix. Get started with a general support role and learn where you would like to specialise as you build up your knowledge. For the latest opportunities in sales and marketing, visit specialist sales and marketing recruitment agencies in Coventry.