Local Figures or World-Class Names?


Celebrity endorsements or public appearances to support promotions can be a sure-fire way to get the press interested in your news. But how do you select the right person for your product? The reality may be that you have to make do with whoever is willing and available at the right price. For endorsement opportunities, you should aim for influential figures whose reason for fame is relevant to your product. For example, if you produce sports training kit or energy drinks and foods, you would want sports people to help promote them. In Warwickshire you have a host of famous sports names on your doorstep with the Warwickshire cricket team. The added bonus would be that these people have a local connection too, so it might be a little easier to persuade them to support your cause. When looking to attract the attention of the media or hard-to-reach service users, then the relevance might need to be more closely linked to names that the media or the target audience will know but may have no link whatsoever to the product or service itself. For example, think of schemes such as literacy campaigns to get boys reading. Footballers and sport stars are called upon to act as role models — not because they are intrinsically linked to literacy, but because they are likely to be of interest to the target audience. If in doubt, the target market needs to be convinced that if it is all right for the stars then it is all right for them. Over the years your PR team or agency will have built up relationships with lots of contacts. This can bring you that step closer to securing a celebrity figurehead. Sometimes it will be enough to have a local legend to support your cause, but bigger stunts might require household names to grab the attention you are after. Whatever your approach, you will need to weigh up the costs of the appearance fee against the predicted sales to ensure a good ROI. Above all, you need to be able to measure the impact. PR support can be an integral part of your marketing team. It is worth weighing up the cost of agency services if you outsource your PR against the cost of hiring in-house resource. If you can attract professionals with strong career histories and even stronger contacts lists, then they can be worth their weight in gold. Specialist marketing recruitment agencies in Warwickshire can help find the perfect recruit. Calling marketing recruitment agencies in Warwickshire could be your first step to PR success.