Lights, Camera, Interview


So you have your CV ready, your interview suit pressed and have tidied your hair, but have you checked out how you look and come across on camera? No, this isn’t usually something we think about before heading off for an important job interview, but it might be time to start thinking that way. We carry out so much of our work and our everyday lives using technology of one form or another that we shouldn’t be surprised to find it facing us in the interview room. With the increasingly sophisticated forms of connectivity now available to businesses, the potential to generate a global market seems to be open to any type of business of any size. This will inevitably bring the necessity of developing a global business presence to support it. So even if you are applying for a job based in your home town, you may find that key decision makers in your appointment operate from a distant office location. Being faced with a camera automatically changes the dynamics of an interview, especially if you have a combination of a face-to-face interviewer alongside a video link-up to another interviewer. Simple things which we know are important but which we take for granted, such as establishing good eye contact, can become very complicated if you are not used to them. If possible, you should get some practice in using Skype and other video link-up systems to see how you come across. Getting used to how to look at a camera rather than at the other person’s face on the screen can be tricky, as the cameras are not always aligned to your line of natural sight with a screen. If you hate having your photograph taken, then appearing on a video can be even worse. For some people the presence of a video camera can make them extremely nervous and they can end up like a rabbit caught in headlights. The only thing that is going to help you settle your nerves is to get some practice at using and being seen on video. When you are job seeking with the help of sales recruitment agencies in Warwickshire, ask them if they can give you a mock interview using their video-conferencing facilities. If you really cannot face applying for jobs in this way, then ask the sales recruitment agencies in Warwickshire what the recruitment process is for different jobs before you apply for them.