Is Your New Recruit Money Down the Drain?


Recruitment can be a costly business if you keep getting it wrong. When you are looking for your next hire for your marketing team, you don’t want to be wasting money. Make sure you are learning from your past mistakes — if you can recognise them — and avoid the mistakes others have made to ensure you hire right first time. If you are new to the process and need expert help to guide you through the potential pitfalls to gain the right talent, you could speak to marketing recruitment agencies in Staffordshire who can help you every step of the way. Hiring new members of staff is something which managers are expected to do, often without any previous experience or training in this discipline. Managing recruitment can require a specific set of skills, which unfortunately are all too often learned on the job through trial and error. However, you can avoid making some of the common mistakes hiring managers have made. Your first task, especially if you need to try to keep your recruitment costs down, is to advertise your vacancy internally. By failing to do this you could be missing out on great talent. An internal hire has the added benefit of already knowing the company and its operating processes, and they would be able to get up and running in their new role relatively quickly. If nothing else, you will have saved on external advertising costs and the time and cost of another company induction programme. While it is essential that you will be recruiting to a specific role profile, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to find an individual who has carried out each of the typical job tasks in an identical situation or role. Focus on competencies, skills and ability rather than exactly mirrored experience. Good marketing recruitment agencies in Staffordshire will be experienced at managing competency-based interviewing, so get them on board if this approach is new to you. Make sure you allow enough time to conduct a thorough and fair recruitment process. You may fear that the gap in your department needs filling instantly, but you can do much more harm than good by hastily filling a post for the sake of it, only to find out that person isn’t right for the job. It can waste lots more money and extend unproductive time, so take a little longer to make a more considered and informed appointment.