How Recruitment Agencies in the West Midlands Can Eliminate Dishonest Candidates

It is common for candidates to exaggerate slightly on their CVs. However, it is one thing to place more emphasis upon previous experience than perhaps they should, but something else entirely for a candidate to lie outright. Falsified qualifications or an over-embellished CV can lead to employers making the wrong choices when it comes to hiring, which has the power to affect company performance. Recruitment agencies in the West Midlands are able to assist with HR recruitment by weeding out candidates who have not been entirely truthful, reducing the risks of poor decisions. These agencies will carry out extensive background checks, with some designed specifically to highlight dishonest applications.


Background checks are important for all types of business, but perhaps especially so for smaller businesses, where candidates often make the assumption that such measures will not be undertaken due to limitations on time and resources. Outsourcing recruitment to an outside agency is one way of avoiding issues of this nature.


Employers and recruitment agencies in the West Midlands and elsewhere may encounter the following tactics from potential candidates.


Exaggerated or Incorrect Dates of Previous Placements

A candidate doing this may be attempting to cover up gaps in employment. This could be an error, but may also indicate an issue.


False Qualifications

Occasionally, a candidate will lie about earning a degree or exaggerate the grade achieved. Other examples include forged diplomas and degrees purchased online.


Exaggerating Previous Job Title and Salary

Candidates typically do this to secure higher pay and more responsibility. Contacting previous employers to verify this important information is recommended.


Non-Disclosure of a Criminal Record

Maintaining a low-risk work environment that is safe for employees is imperative. It is for this reason that companies often insist on carrying out background and CRB checks.


Concealing a Drug Habit or Alcoholism

Candidates who are hiding a drug habit or alcohol problem will sometimes go to considerable lengths to avoid being caught. Employers need to be aware of this and develop more sophisticated ways of identifying where there is a problem.


Following the economic crisis and the current period of recovery, it goes without saying that given the potential harm, businesses need to take extra care when taking on new employees. Vetting candidates carefully to ensure they are being honest and that they really are right for the role in question is essential.