How Do You Choose Your Recruitment Partner?


Whether your company has created new sales posts which need filling or your natural staff turnover is prompting the next recruitment drive, the support of a recruitment partner might be just what you need to find the best sales talent for your organisation. There are many sales recruitment agencies in Staffordshire, so how do you decide on which one to choose? First of all, you need to decide what it is you need from your recruitment partner. Do you just need quick and easy access to a pre-vetted resource pool? Do you need someone else with established routes to market to advertise your vacancies for you to generate the right interest? Or do you need someone to manage the early stages of recruitment and present you with a shortlist of candidates for the second-stage interviews? Look for the agencies which offer the services you need and who are willing to go the extra mile to ensure you achieve your goals. The best sales recruitment agencies in Staffordshire will work with you to advise on where they can be of most help to you during the process. If you are new to recruiting, especially if you are having to hire on a large scale, then recruitment partners can even help you learn the process and train your team in good recruitment practice. They should be with you every step of the way and work effectively as a natural extension to your team. The best recruitment partners will still be around after the positions have been filled to ensure that the placed candidates are meeting the expectations set at interview. Working with a recruitment partner can save you time and money if they are equipped to manage the advertising, the sifting of applications and conducting the first-stage interviews. You can benefit from their knowledge and expertise. If they are able to get to know your organisation and your resourcing needs properly, then they will be best placed to find you the ideal candidates. As well as promoting your vacancies, they will be promoting your organisation in order to attract the top talent. If your vacancy is simply added to a long list of similar-sounding roles, you have no chance of standing out as the vacancy the best candidates are looking for. Your recruitment partner should be bringing it to their attention not leaving it to be found by chance. You will be only too aware if you have picked the wrong recruitment partner, as you will quickly find that you are not their most important client and that you are just a number on a list for a call-back at some point. You want a partner who isn’t chasing so much business that they can’t focus on your needs. Obviously, your partner will be successful because they are good at what they do. Although you know you won’t be their only client, they will make you feel as if you are. You will never have to chase up to find out what is happening with your hiring process. You will receive updates just when you need them and you will find excellent candidates turning up for your interviews.