How Can Recruitment Agencies in Birmingham Stay Ahead of the Competition?

Recruitment agencies in Birmingham or all over the UK are expected to match clients to the best possible candidates. Sourcing talent is not easy, but the most successful recruitment agencies are those experienced in maximising the resources available to them. The most commonly used model for sales recruitment was first developed about 50 years ago. Despite its popularity, however, there are issues with the system.


The model, which is reactionary, can prove restrictive at times — even at times limiting growth where it is necessary. However, simply rebuilding or discarding it for a completely new model would be difficult given that the recruitment industry of today (as well as the many hundreds of tools designed to seek out candidates) has been built around it.


Lack of efficiency can also be a problem when you are drawing in only in the region of 10% of candidates who are suitably qualified. It's a huge waste of resources when you consider how much is spent attracting candidates who do not then have the required skills to take on the role.


In order for recruitment agencies in Birmingham, or indeed anywhere, to raise their levels of success, the process must become better streamlined. Recruiters can only make this happen by looking for ways to add value, such as increasing the focus on movement and becoming more targeted and agile.


The first step towards achieving this is to determine where the talent can be found. With the advent of social media and new methods of communication, recruitment in this area has undergone significant change. Most notably, the passive candidate has been introduced. However, the key is to focus not only on where talented candidates are, but also on which skills they have acquired in order to be there. Tools which identify new talent intelligence can provide this information. What's more, the data captured can also give an indication of where the talent will have progressed to in a year or two, enabling the companies using these resources to be at the very front of the line.


Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) are often used by recruitment agencies in Birmingham. However, inefficient systems can result in lost talent. Older Applicant Tracking Systems will enable the company to reach out to a large candidate pool, but the greater numbers involve more sifting through for recruiters and a slower process all round. Instead, a balance must be struck — with a system that is selective enough to make the process faster, but not so selective that potential talent is eliminated too quickly. A good ATS will allow recruitment agencies to build a database of good-quality candidates, enabling them to match them with clients in a timely fashion.


Finally, something that recruitment agencies can overlook is their own work force. Revolutionising the process of recruitment should also be applied to internal talent. There is a very good chance that in-house efficiency can be improved. Putting members of the team under the microscope will give managers a clearer idea about individual strengths and weaknesses, which skills need development and in which areas within the operation each employee will work best given their expertise