Harness Your Wide Knowledge


Are you maximising your marketing activities through exemplary knowledge of your market, your customers, your product impacts and case studies? Sometimes this knowledge can be buried in other parts of the company, away from the marketing department. What might seem like a little bit of incidental information to one person, which arises as part of their every-day tasks, could be the key nugget of knowledge that a marketing team needs to give their promotions a leading edge. Knowledge management can be easily overlooked, and even when it is addressed it is sometimes only managed as a process of setting up centralised stores of existing files and company documents. What lies at the heart of the best knowledge management programmes is the extraction of valuable knowledge and subject matter expertise which resides in the heads of individual members of staff. To engage staff effectively in knowledge management, you need to foster a sense of sharing and may even need to incentivise the sharing of expertise, knowledge or content. When expert knowledge has arisen as the result of an individual’s hard work, which gives them what they feel is their competitive edge, it is understandable that they might be reluctant to simply ‘hand it over’. In these scenarios, it is important to recognise and reward the contributions of such individuals. A lack of communication processes for staff to follow, which can affect the flow of information, can be easily fixed. Your employees may be very willing to share their knowledge but are hindered by not knowing how, where or with whom they should share it. A simple but effective interaction of a member of operational staff with a happy customer could be the basis for your next big case study, but you will miss out if your marketing team never gets to hear about it. This alone is a realistic argument as to why internal communications functions should be closely aligned with your marketing department. If you keep reinventing the wheel when it comes to generating good marketing content, or if you repeatedly hit brick walls when you try to engage staff in sharing their knowledge, then it could be time to look at recruiting specific resource to tackle the problem. Good marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham will be able to help you clarify and define the role you need based on the outcomes you want to bring about. Whether it is knowledge management experts, communications professionals or marketing content compilers that you need, marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham will be able to help source great talent.