Getting Started: Knowing How and Where to Promote Your Business


When you are a new business it can be tricky to know exactly how and where to promote your business. As funds will also be limited, you don’t want to try too many expensive options if you can’t be sure they are going to yield any return. In the early days of your business, it is a good idea to seek out any and every free opportunity to gain publicity. That may be achieved through your own PR activity or you may be able to find free routes for promotion. Schemes that are available from your local council or government-funded new business support services are great places to start. Staffordshire County Council runs a couple of schemes designed to help local businesses promote their good and services. Businesses can take advantage of free promotion to more than 27,000 young people through the Your Staffordshire Card, which is ideal if your product or service has a youth focus. Additionally, if you are a public-sector organisation or your company works in the tourism industry, then the council promotes the Destination Staffordshire scheme, which works to build the tourism sector for the county. Finding the marketing routes that work for you is not always easy, and if you are just starting out in business then this might take more time than you have available, especially if this is not your strong point. It might be worth considering taking on some temporary marketing support to help get you started. Having skilled and experienced marketing resource could help boost your marketing efforts much more quickly than if a non-expert is left to find their way through trial and error. But you need to hire the right person, and if recruitment isn’t your strongpoint, you won’t want to waste limited resources making the wrong hire. You could engage marketing recruitment agencies in Staffordshire to ensure you get the talent you need. Good marketing recruitment agencies in Staffordshire will deal with part-time, full-time, permanent and temporary contracts and will have a pool of talented marketers ready to meet your needs. If you don’t know exactly what skills you need from your marketing support, but you know what you need to achieve for your business, then marketing recruitment agencies in Staffordshire will even help you develop and tailor the right job description and role profile. If you aren’t sure how long you can commit to employing your marketing resource, you can start with a short-term temporary offer with the possibility of extension.