Get to Know Your Customers


When you are getting to know new friends or work colleagues, you don’t just try to find out where they shop or what they buy. It should be the same with your customers when you are getting to know them. Of course, you will want to learn about their buying habits and what products will catch their attention, but you can develop much more effective modes of advertising if you get to know their interests, where they spend their time or what they spend their spare time doing. Whether your target customers spend a lot of time on the internet, like to travel on public transport or spend their leisure time attending live sports, it is good to know where they are spending their time. It is particularly good to know where they are spending their time when they are relaxing or where they are likely to spend time again and again. Frequency in advertising has long been linked to the success of campaigns, so finding out places where you can achieve regular repeated visibility with your customers is a great way to succeed. By finding a concentration of your target audience, you can advertise for longer or more frequently because you aren’t having to spend large amounts on lots of locations with a scatter-gun approach. Advertising hoardings at sports venues can be great regular spots for advertising placements directly to your customers. Not only will you reach them week after week, but you will get them for prolonged periods of time and hopefully in a relaxed frame of mind — as long as their team isn’t losing. Adverts on popular websites can also reach many of your target markets with regular repeat viewings at a smaller outlay than you might think. Creative thinking when it comes to advertising isn’t just about dreaming up novelty themes, designs and content for the adverts themselves. It can also be just as important to decide how, when and where to advertise. If you are a creative thinker and thrive on solving problems or working out effective campaigns, you might enjoy a career in marketing. Visit marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham to see what current vacancies are available in your area. If you want to show marketing recruitment agencies in Birmingham what creative skills you have when it comes to planning campaigns, then maybe you could suggest great places that they could be advertising.